Exercise of termination right / right to withdraw the contract

Provided that you qualify as a consumer, you are entitled to withdraw the contract without providing reasons, which right consumers may exercise for 14 days from the date of conclusion of the contract. Deadline of termination / withdrawal expires in 14 days from the date of conclusion of the contract for using services provided by our Company.

We would like to call your attention, that you lose your right of termination after performance of the whole service if the performance of service was started with your expressly given prior consent.

If you want to exercise your right to withdraw the contract / right of termination you shall send your notice about withdrawal or termination (by post or e-mail) to the following address: Sprint Consulting Kft., 1082 Budapest, Corvin sétány 2. A, info@sprintconsulting.com. In the course of exercising your rights you are entitled to use a declaration form prepared by our Company specially for that purpose.

You exercise your right of withdrawal or termination in a timely manner in case you send your notice before the end of the applicable 14-day time limit by post or e-mail.

Legal effects of withdrawal / termination

If you withdraw the contract without providing reasons in 14 days from conclusion of the contract, service fee shall be reimbursed without any delay but within 14 days of receipt your withdrawal notice  at the latest. Service fee shall be reimbursed the same way you applied when paying service fee, unless you expressly consent to another payment method. Irrespective from the method of reimbursement you chose, additional costs will be borne by us.

We hereby inform you that in case you exercise your right of termination without providing reasons after our Company started the performance of services and before provision of the whole service, on the one hand you are obliged to pay service fee proportionate to services already provided by our Company, on the other hand all reasonable costs shall be reimbursed by you which may incurred by our Company in connection with provision of services until delivery of your termination notice.

We expressly call your attention that, in case of termination, the start of service performance shall be considered when our Company confirmed the provision of service for you, irrespective of the fact that provision of service actually takes place at a later time, as defined in the confirmation letter.

Our Company guarantees that the total amount will be reimbursed which remains after deduction of payable service fee and costs proportionate to services already provided by our Company.

Budapest, 25th March, 2020

Sprint Consulting Kft.